Welcome To Travel Quest

Whatever your holiday needs, Travel Quest is proud to provide one of the most exciting and unique holiday programmes available today! Your membership will entitle you to unlimited travel, leisure and discount benefits; Indulge yourself in romantic resort vacations throughout the world, sail from one exotic destination to another on an unforgettable Cruise, take away friends or family to an exclusive villa, take a weekend break or a business trip in the Worlds top hotels, hire a car or simply book a flight all at specially negotiated membership prices.

Buying power of the membership

This is the simplest fact involved in the concept. An individual purchasing any item will pay the normal retail price. We, however, have the collective purchasing power of a constantly growing membership of thousands of families, enabling us to purchase in bulk and in advance at the very best prices available. We then pass these benefits on to our members.

So, the saying the more the merrier certainly applies to us!

Travel Quest caters for a wide range of clientele and guarantee low cost holiday options and absolute satisfaction for members and their immediate family. Members have the flexibility to choose the type of holiday or travel benefit which suite their requirements and budget.


So whether your ideal vacation is a trip to the beach for a week of surf, sand, and sun; or a powder-filled excursion to a world-class ski resort, we have many different options for you to choose from. If you would rather spend a weekend on a golf course working on your swing with a professional instructor, that can be arranged as well. With renowned accommodations, incredible amenities, and warm hospitality including exceptional service, why wouldn't you join us? Given the pace of today's rat race, convenience is a must because it provides the ability to escape as often as your schedule allows. What will it be? One phone call to plan your next vacation or six phone calls. The choice is yours. Get your membership, and start saving time & money today!